Bato Church

This magnificently situated edifice greets everyone upon entrance to the town of Bato. It is the only remaining structure of its kind in the entire island. Despite the tests of time, wars, and ravages of natural calamities, it was able to retain its old glory of massive structure of mortar and coral stones. It took 53 years, from 1830 to 1883, to build this Church under six different parish administrators

Batalay Shrine

The site of the first cross in Catanduanes, believed to have been constructed over the grave of the shipwrecked Fr. Diego de Herrera of the Augustinian order in 1576, who died in the barangay of Batalay. A well believed to have water with healing powers can be found in this shrine. From the town proper of Bato, it would take only 15 minutes to reach this place

Batong Paluay

The locals relate that the image of the mystical face of Our Lady of Sorrows has been found in a flooded stream near the barangay of Batong Paluay. The image was etched on a piece of stone that has progressively increased in size. Its repository has already been replaced three times to accommodate the increasing size of the miraculous Mother Mary.

Virac Cathedral

The Church of the Immaculate Conception is situated at the heart of the capital town of Virac where one can marvel at the stained glass windows.

Luyang Cave

Feel the cool, damp air as you go inside this mute witness and tomb to the massacred natives who fled from the Moro pirates during the 17th century.

Mamangal Beach

Crystalline waters abound with natural and colorful reefs where a big number of species swarm in multi-colored panorama.

Maribina Falls

Gushing with breath-taking rapids of crystal-clear waters, the cascading falls are located amid rustic surroundings and lush-green vegetation.

Puraran Surf

The surfing area boasts of a magnificent view of mountains and coves. Photo enthusiasts could get a perfect view of the sunrise in this area. For holiday seekers, this is a place for total relaxation, communing with nature, and simply, rejuvenation and serenity.

Binurong Point

One of the newest attractions the island of Catanduanes can offer which is located in Brgy. Guinsaanan, Baras, Catanduanes. A Batanes/Ireland hills and cliffs look and feel. It is one of the island province of Catanduanes’ best kept secrets (no more).

Museo de


As the province's first museum, it houses the island's historical and cultural heritage. It can be found in the second floor of Old Capitol Building situated in Sta. Elena, Virac. Inside the museum, visitors can feel the ambiance of the province's rich culture and the care that the people put in to safeguard and carry on their legacy for future generations.

Balacay Point

Balacay Point is also known as Benticayan Point. It is one of the most frequently visited attraction by tourists and travelers in Catanduanes. It will leave you breathless with the view of the Pacific Ocean horizon together with the Balacay Island on the left and the Puraran Beach on the right. Compared to Binurong Point, Balacay point has higher ground but smaller in terms of size.

Bote Lighthouse

Situated in Barangay Bote in the town of Bato, the Bote Lighthouse gives you an astonishing view of Sakahon Beach and other parts of the island and gives you a glimpse of Mayon Volcano from afar. It is a 30-45 minute climb/trek from Sakahon Beach.

What Our Guests Are Saying

We enjoyed our stay a lot and will come back

The RakDell Inn is a 4-floor family owned hotel in Virac - the largest town on the island of Catanduanes. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. . The room was affordable, clean, spacious and had well-working A/C, hot water, and free WiFi. We tried the restaurant on the top floor, and were amazed how yummy the food was! Food is also available through room service. They have a big room and terrace for functions on the top floor. 
We had a couple of brown-outs during our stay, which is normal for Catanduanes, but the hotel has it's own power generator. The Wifi was a bit slow, but that is also normal for the island, as it does not have a land-line connection to the main land. Overall we were very happy, and are looking forward to our next stay.

Tilo S., San Jose, California